You’ve just completed formulating your video marketing strategy and created some scintillating explainer videos to help you achieve your marketing goals quickly and effectively. You’ve uploaded your explainer videos to YouTube or marketed them on other social media platforms, and now traffic and engagement are building up. With so much data streaming in, it can be challenging to know the particular metric that relates to a certain marketing objective. That’s why it’s recommended that you carefully select specific online video analytics to help. But choosing online video analytics is only possible if you get to know and understand the metrics used to measure results. Read on for the most vital metrics to help you analyze your explainer video marketing campaign:

What is your definition of success when it comes to evaluating explainer videos?

Before we devolve into the metrics, you should be aware of your definition of success. Your success is typically based on a group of metrics that will make it easy for you to measure your explainer videos’ marketing effort. So you’ll have to determine the goals that you’re looking to achieve, the people you want to watch your explainer videos, and the relevant data.

You can measure the success of your explainer videos by looking at the views

This metric is generic. It’s the starting point for your explainer video’s evaluation. So don’t get excited by this. However, a ton of views is a sign that you are on the right path to success.

Engagement is a good measure of the success of your explainer videos

Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you that they love engagement as a metric for measuring success. Engagement includes likes, comments, and shares. High engagement is an indication that you came up with a compelling script (message) and the audience resonates with the brand story. However, low engagement doesn’t necessarily mean that your explainer videos are not great. In this day and age, there are tons of explainer videos competing for the same customers. So, if you don’t put up powerful, and targeted marketing strategies, your explainer videos may not make any impact.

CTR is a great metric to measure success

It’s a requirement to include a call-to-action at the end of your explainer video to motivate viewers to take action. The amount of viewers who click through the call-to-action is what we call Click Through Rate. CTR can help you evaluate the power of your explainer video engagement. A high CTR means your video was so captivating that viewers watched until the end to take action and vice versa.


Most business owners make the mistake of not measuring the success of their explainer video marketing efforts. No wonder they don’t see any results when the time comes to calculate profit margins. Measuring results can help you know high performing and low performing video marketing strategies. You can then stick to the strategies that bring in higher returns.