If you’re planning to include YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, there are specific things to know before you take that step. With the population slanting towards visuals, millions of people visit YouTube to watch videos before making any buying decision. No wonder it’s the second largest search tool after its owner, Google. Therefore, promoting your Explainer videos on YouTube is one of the surest ways to get a ton of traffic, and engagement and to get people to take action. But to succeed with YouTube, there are aspects you need to know up front:

Quality is the biggest currency when promoting your explainer videos on YouTube

In this day and age, you can’t get away with poor-quality explainer videos. In fact, the modern-day shoppers can’t go past 2 seconds when watching a poor quality video. It’s simple; if your explainer video isn’t top-quality, you won’t get results. Besides being high-quality, your explainer video must be fun, attractive, and compelling.

Know the YouTube ads formats before you upload your product explainer videos on it

YouTube has specific ad formats whereby brands or advertisers pay after a viewer watches or interacts with the video. The ad format can be a video discovery ad or an in-stream ad. Video discovery ads typically come up next to the recommended videos. They also come up when a user searches with a particular keyword. In-stream ads, on the other hand, come up before playing a video. There is an option to skip the advertisement within 5 seconds. However, the advertiser only pays for videos that have been watched to the end or more than 30 seconds. The advertiser will also just pay when someone interacts with the YouTube video. So you should know all this upfront before you upload your explainer videos to YouTube.

Know the location of your audience before you upload your video to YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform with more than 88 local sites in different languages of the world. In fact, it has over 70 languages. So when you create a YouTube channel, make sure to set the languages and exact locations of your target audience.

Uploading your explainer videos to YouTube

To promote your explainer videos, you must upload them to your YouTube channel. If you want to go for Google Adwords to promote your explainer videos, you’ll have to enter the video URL.


A ton of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, but only a few get the required traffic, engagement, and actions. These explainer video promotions tips will help your explainer videos get the results you want.